Founded by award-winning photographer, Kenneth Ong in 2009, twenty4frames photography is one of the most respected event photography firms in Singapore

Kenneth Ong   Executive Photographer, Founder

Kenneth Ong

Executive Photographer, Founder


Based in Singapore, Kenneth is a full-time photographer with a niche in photojournalistic photography. He specialises in shooting at actual day weddings, ROMs and corporate events. His reportage-style photographs have gained him a reputation as an affable and non-intrusive photographer who is adept at capturing moments of spontaneity and emotions.

To Kenneth, photography is capturing a slice of life as it is, and presenting it from a perspective unique to him alone. His clients feel comfortable with him behind the lens and commend him as a passionate and patient photographer.

Through the years, he has covered over a thousand events and numerous weddings.

His pictures earn their places in newspapers, magazines, posters, collaterals and most importantly in the hearts of his clients.



Kevin is a full-time photography and videographer with a focus in video and audio. He specialises in documentary style reportage for same day events to projects spanning the year.

As with event photography, he records events unobtrusively by placing himself as a participant who is versed in technology that increases coverage.

He sees photography as a branch of visual Arts whereby design is involved in more than conveying pictorial data to capture the emotion and the spirit of the scene.

As an active musician in the Singapore music scene, Kevin is passionate and wary of what powerful effects of sound and auditory experiences can bring to a visual presentation.

Contracted to document the construction process of the LTA Woodlands MRT project, Kevin went subterranean to capture the civil engineering from digging to tunnel blasting.